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ID: PMHPT00082732 Hotpoint Oven / Grill Element

Hotpoint oven / grill element  (2250W)
Length 420 mm     Width 198 mm    Tags: 195 mm     Bracket : 60 mm     Cross Bar : 445 mm

Fits BS43B, BS43K, BS43W, BS53X, SC36EB, SC36EK, SC36EW, SC36EX, SY36B, SY36K, SY36W, SY36X

£23.75 exc VAT
(£28.50 inc VAT)
ID: PMHPT00084399 Hotpoint Fan Oven Element

Hotpoint & Ariston fan oven element (2000w)  C00084399

Ariston: • FB36(BK)GB/ 36(BK)GB/ 36(BR)GB/ 36(BR)GB/ 36(IX)GB/ 36(IX)GB/ 36(WH)GB/ 36(WH)GB • FR34S(AN)GB/ 34S(AN)GB/ 34S(WH)GB/ 34S(WH)GB

Hotpoint: • 61DCW, 61DCW(T), AHP37X, AHP37X(T), AHP37X/1, ARC60W, ARC60X, BD32B MK2, BD32B MK2(T), BD32B/2, BD32BMK2, BD32K MK2, BD32K MK2(T), BD32K/2, BD32KMK2, BD32P MK2, BD32P MK2(T), BD32P/2, BD32PMK2, BD42SS MK2, BD42SS MK2T, BD42SS/2, BD42SSMK2, BD52B MK2, BD52B MK2(T), BD52B/2, BD52BMK2, BD52K MK2, BD52K/2, BD52KMK2, BD52P MK2, BD52P MK2(T), BD52P/2, BD52PMK2, BD62SS MK2, BD62SS MK2T, BD62SS/2, BD62SSMK2, BS43B, BS43B/1, BS43K, BS43K/1, BS43W, BS43W/1, BS53X, BS53X/1, BU72B MK2, BU72B MK2(T), BU72B/2, BU72BMK2, BU72K MK2, BU72K MK2(T), BU72K/2, BU72KMK2, BU72P MK2(T), BU72P/2, BU72PMK2, BU82SS MK2, BU82SS MK2T, BU82SS/2, BU82SSMK2, C367EIH, C367EKH, C367EKH(T), C367EWH, C367EWH(T), C367EXH, C367EXH(T), C368EWH, C368EWH(T), DE47X, DE47X/2, DE47X1, DQ47I/2, DQ47IMK2, DQ47IMK2(T), DY46K MK2, DY46K MK2(T), DY46K/2, DY46KMK2, DY46W MK2, DY46W MK2(T), DY46W/2, DY46WMK2, DY46X MK2, DY46X MK2(T), DY46X/2, DY46XMK2, EG74G, EG74G(T), EG74P, EG74P(T), EG74X, EG74X(T), EW12C, EW12P, EW74G, EW74G(T), EW74K, EW74K(T), EW74P, EW74P(T), EW74X, EW74X(T), KD6E35W, KD6G35M, KD6G35X, S130EWHMK2T, S130EXHMK2T, SC36EB, SC36EK, SC36EW, SC36EX, SH33K, SH33W, SH33X, SHS33CX, SHS33X, SHS33XK, SY36B, SY36B/1, SY36K, SY36K/1, SY36W, SY36W/1, SY36X, SY36X/1, SY37W, SY37W/1, SY37X, SY37X/1, UE47X, UE47X/2, UE47X1, UE47X1 MK2T, UQ47I MK2, UQ47I MK2(T), UQ47I/2, UQ47IMK2, UY46K MK2, UY46K MK2(T), UY46KMK2, UY46W MK2, UY46W MK2T, UY46WMK2, UY46X MK2(T), UY46X/2, UY46XMK2

Indesit: • K3C8VW/G/ 3C8VW/G/ 3C8VX/G/ 3C8VX/G

£24.58 exc VAT
(£29.50 inc VAT)
ID: PMHPT00225610 Hotpoint Fan Oven Element (2000W only)

Hotpoint fan oven element   (2000W only)

From date code 47 Nov 2005, the 2500W element is replaced with a 2000W element.  The main oven cut out is deleted with the use of a 2000W element.
Ensure a 2000W element is only replaced with a 2000W element.

Fits  Hotpoint (GDA) 6DOCW, BD52T, C262EWH, C361EWH, C362EKH, C362ESH, C362EWH, C363EXH, C366EKH, C366ESH, C366EWH, DE77X, DQ77I, EW73G, EW73P, EW73T, EW76X, EW83G, EW83K, EW83P, EW83T, EW86X, S150EBH, S150EKH, S150EWH, S150EXH, SPC61K, SPC61W

£32.92 exc VAT
(£39.50 inc VAT)
ID: PMIND00139836 Hotpoint Upper Grill Element

Hotpoint upper grill element

Fits Hotpoint: SD97PI

£37.50 exc VAT
(£45.00 inc VAT)
ID: PMIND00226997 Hotpoint Grill Element

Hotpoint Grill Element

Fits Hotpoint: 48179, 48180, 49113MK2, 49119, 49120, 49123, 49127, 49140, 5TCCK, 5TCCW, 6580PMK11, C050EG, C050EI, C050EW, C150EG, C150EI, C150EW, C150EWH, C220EC, C220ECH, C220EW, C220EWH, EE50SC, EG20P, EG21C, EG21CMK2, EG211E, EG21EMK2, EG21L, EG21LMK2, EG22N, EG32N, EG32P, EG32S, EL50ES, ESW50, ETCW51, ETW51, EW11C, EW11E, EW11L, EW11P, EW20C, EW20P, EW21C, EW21E, EW21L, EW21P, EW22C, EW22P, EW313G, EW31N, EW31P, EW32N, EW32P, EW32S, EW42G, EW42N, EW42P, EW42S, EW42T, EW45SS, F050EW, J050EW, J050EY, J051EW, J150EW, J150EY, J151EW, J155EW, KD3C1EW, KD3CEW, KD3E1EW, M152EG, M152EI, M152EW, X152EE, X152EG, X152EI, X152EW, X153EK, X153EKH, X153ES, X153ESH, X153EW, X153EWH, X155EK, X155ES, X155EW, X156EK, X156ES, X156EW

£34.58 exc VAT
(£41.50 inc VAT)
ID: PMIND00230133 Grill Element
Image 1

Grill Element 2660 W

EW74, DY46 , 

£22.92 exc VAT
(£27.50 inc VAT)
ID: PMIND00230135 Hotpoint Top Oven Base Element

Hotpoint Top Oven Base Element

Fits Hotpoint: HUD61

£26.25 exc VAT
(£31.50 inc VAT)
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ID: PMIND00230168 Fan Element (2kw)
Image 1 Fan Element (2kw)


£14.58 exc VAT
(£17.50 inc VAT)
ID: PMM14HP01 Hotpoint Fan Element

Hotpoint Fan Element 2400w 

Fits; 6121,6122 , 6140 , 6181 , 6182 , 6190 , 6192 , 

£47.92 exc VAT
(£57.50 inc VAT)
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