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Fan Oven & Cooling Motors

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ID: PMBMTXT521049 Main Oven Fan Motor
Image 1

Main Oven Fan Motor

Fits Belling:

Fits Terim ; SSRG02/SS

£91.67 exc VAT
(£110.00 inc VAT)
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ID: PMBNT72X5798 Tecnik Fan Oven Motor
Image 1 Tecnik Fan Oven Motor

Fits Tecnik:

£74.58 exc VAT
(£89.50 inc VAT)
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ID: PMBNT76X3718 Proline Fan Oven Motor

Proline Fan Oven Motor

NB: This motor has 2 fans, one is to cool the motor and the second is for heat circulation inside the oven.

Proline: EF900W, EF9000B

Brandt: • 5860205/ 7728484380/ 7728484381/ 7728584300 • APL3301/ 3301IX • BMEG110W/ (BMEG110W1) 110W/ (BMEG110W) 110W • () DOD317B/ 317BU1/ 317WU1/ 317XU1 • DOE150BU1/1/ 150BU1/ 150XU1/1/ 150XU1 • EOD606SS • FAT24T1U1/ 24TIU • FD282BU11/ 282BU1/ (FD282BU11) 282BU1/ () 282WU11/ 282WU1/ 282XU11/ 282XU1 • FLT24W1U1/ 24W1U/ 24X1U1/ 24X1U • FM4942U1/1/ 4942U1 • FMT24B1U1/ 24B1U/ 24T1U1/ 24T1U/ 24W1U1/ 24W1U/ 24X1U1/ 24X1U • FW4942U1/1/ 4942U1 • FX0641E11/ 0641E1/ 4942U1/1/ 4942U1 • M4TX • OFG10M/ 10W • OME12R/ 14M/ 14W/ 14X/ 24M/ 24W/ 24X

De-Dietrich: • (DOE150BU1/1) DOE150BU1

Blomberg EOD606SS3

 White Westinghouse: 05-200306  , 05-200306/2

£61.25 exc VAT
(£73.50 inc VAT)
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ID: PMBNT76X6099 Fan Oven Motor
Fan Oven Motor

NB: This motor only has the fan to circulate the heat inside the oven, there is no additional fan to cool the motor.

Fits Cookers (Homark): 01-600306, 01-600310, 02-600306, 02-600310, 05-600306

Fits Proline: EF9000B**, EF9000W**

£50.00 exc VAT
(£60.00 inc VAT)
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ID: PMBNT79X3503 Cooling Fan Motor
Image 1

Cooling Fan Motor

Fits Teknic:

Fits De Dietrich ; CX4844U1

£166.67 exc VAT
(£200.00 inc VAT)
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ID: PMBNT79X9590 Proline Main Oven Fan Motor
Image 1

Proline Main Oven Fan Motor

Fits Proline:

£62.08 exc VAT
(£74.50 inc VAT)
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ID: PMBNTX117513 Cooling fan assy ckr
Cooling fan assy ckr


£62.08 exc VAT
(£74.50 inc VAT)
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ID: PMBRIG40610 Britannia Fan Motor
Image 1 Britannia Fan Motor

Fits Britannia:

£124.58 exc VAT
(£149.50 inc VAT)
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ID: PMBSH084701 Neff Motor (with triangular mounting plate)

Neff Motor (with triangular mounting plate)


£62.50 exc VAT
(£75.00 inc VAT)
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ID: PMBSH096825 Neff / Bosch / Siemens Fan Oven Motor

Neff/Bosch/Siemens fan oven motor.

Fits Bosch  B1430/ 1430WOGB05/ 1432BOGB01/ 1432W0GB/01/ 1641N0GB01 • HB27054GB/06/ 91540GB01/ 91550GB/01 • HBN3200GB01/ 3220GB01/ 410A/ 412A/ 432AGB01/ 432AGB/ 435AGB/01/ 435AGB01/ 435AGB/ 9021GB/04/ 9100GB/01/ 9120GB/01/ 9121GB/06/ 9122GB/01/ 9123GB/01/ 9123GB/02/ 9150/ 9150GB/01/ 9150GB01/ 9151GB/06/ 9152GB/01/ 9153GB/01/ 9153GB/02/ 9153GB/05/ 9160GB/01/ 9161GB/06/ 9162GB/01/ 9163GB/01/ 9163GB/02 • HBW9120GB01 • U1410/ 1410WOGB06/ 1420/ 1420B0GB05/ 1420NOGB/01/ 1420NOGB01/ 1420WOGB/05/ 1420WOGB01/ 1421/ 1430/ 1441SOGB01/ 1451BOGB/05/ 1461N0GB01

Neff  B1421NOGB01/ 164150GB01 • U1410B0GB06/ 1428C0GB01/ 1451W0GB/05, GB1031, GB1037, GB1051, GB1056

£62.08 exc VAT
(£74.50 inc VAT)
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ID: PMBSH263075 Bosch Fan Oven Motor
Bosch Fan Oven Motor

Fits Bosch:
HBN200SGB/04, HBN200SGB/05, HBN200SGB/06, HBN200SGB/07, HBN200TGB/04, HBN200TGB/05, HBN200TGB/06, HBN200TGB/07, HBN202SGB/04, HBN202SGB/05, HBN202SGB/06, HBN202SGB/07, HBN202TGB/04, HBN202TGB/05, HBN202TGB/06, HBN202TGB/07, HBN205TGB/01, HBN205TGB/02, HBN205TGB/03, HBN205TGB/04, HBN206UGB/01, HBN206UGB/02, HBN206UGB/03, HBN210TGB/04, HBN210TGB/05, HBN210TGB/06, HBN210TGB/07, HBN212TGB/04, HBN212TGB/05, HBN212TGB/06, HBN212TGB/07, HBN2300GB/01, HBN2320GB/01, HBN2350GB/01, HBN2800GB/01, HBN2820GB/01, HBN2850GB/01

Siemens: HB12320GB/04, HB12320GB/05, HB12320GB/06, HB12340GB/04, HB12340GB/05, HB12340GB/06, HB12420GB/04, HB12420GB/05, HB12420GB/06, HB12440GB/04, HB12440GB/05, HB12440GB/06, HB12450GB/01, HB12450GB/02, HB12450GB/03, HB12450GB/04

£75.00 exc VAT
(£90.00 inc VAT)
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ID: PMC00155118 New World / Merloni Cooling Fan Motor

New World / Merloni cooling fan motor

Fits New World CKG21514BROWN/ 21515WHITE/ 21528BROWN/ 21529WHITE/ 21530BROWN/ 21531WHITE/ 21536BROWN/ 21537WHITE/ 21538BROWN/ 21539WHITE/ 21540BROWN/ 21541WHITE/ 21550GREEN/ 21553BROWN/ 21554WHITE/ 21555BROWN/ 21556WHITE/ 21557GREEN/ 21558BROWN/ 21559WHITE/ 32508BROWN/ 32509WHITE/ 32516BROWN/ 32517WHITE/ 32518BROWN/ 32519WHITE/ 32524GREEN/ 32525BROWN/ 32526WHITE/ 32527GREEN

£66.67 exc VAT
(£80.00 inc VAT)
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ID: PMCAN92740760 Candy Motor And Fan Assembly

Candy Motor And Fan Assembly

Fits: F245, 241  F132/3MUK (36274108)/ 132/3NUK (36274116)/ 132/3WUK (36274017)/ 132/ 132MUK (36274504)/ 132MUK/ 132WUK (3627400)/ 134/3NUK (36293108)/ 134/3WUK (36293009)/ 211/ 211X (3619100)/ 215/ 21MUK (3617652)/ 21WUK (3617652)/ 232/3XUK (36233013)/ 232XUK (3623300)/ 233/3BMUK (36177111)/ 233/3NUK (36177129)/ 233/3VUK (36177103)/ 233/3WUK (36177038)/ 233/3XUK (36177137)/ 233/ 233NUK (36177566)/ 233WUK (36177020)/ 234/3NUK (36232114)/ 234/3WUK (36232106)/ 234/3XUK (36232015)/ 234M (3623510)/ 234NUK (36232528)/ 234W (3623250)/ 234X (3623200)/ 241/ 241M (3600200)/ 241W (3600250)/ 245/ 254/3N (36222016)/ 254/3W (36222123)/ 254/3X (36222115)/ 2550X (36289007)/ 331M (3600300)/ 331W (3600350)  FL221/ 321  FLK221  FP815AL (36291102)/ 815N (36291110)/ 815X (36291003)/ 827X (36296101)  OVC245/1/ 245/1MUK (36179513)/ 245/1WUK (36179018)/ 2451/ 245/ 245M (3617950)/ 245W (3617900)  OVF215/ 215M (3617650)/ 215M/ 215W (3617600)/ 245/ 245BL/ 265  R241M (3600251)/ 241W (3600252)/ 43/3X (36282002)/ 43/3X UK (36282150)/ 4313X

£52.92 exc VAT
(£63.50 inc VAT)
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ID: PMCDA079008001F CDA / Homark & Many More, Fan Oven Motor

CDA / Caple / Concept / Carrera / Delonghi / Homark / Kenwood / Lectron / Prestige / Tecnolec / White Westinghouse, fan oven motor

Fits CDA PZ7,

Caple C1003SS**, C200F/B**, C200F/BLU**, C200F/GRN**, C200F/W**, C201F/W**, C203BK**, C203W**, C204SS**, C205F/SS**, C206M/SS**, C210F/A**, C210F/BLU**, C210F/GRN**, C210F/W**, C211F/GRN**, C211F/W**, C220F/B**, C220F/W**, C221F/SS**, C221F/W**, C222BK**, C222W**, C224SS**, C230MM**, C231SS**, C231W**, C232SS**, C300F/B**, C300F/W**, C301F/B**, C301F/W**, C302BK**, C302W**, C305F/SS**, C308/1SS**, C308SS**, C501/GRN**, C5210**, C5210/1**, C5220**, C5220-1**, C903SS**, CR1003SS**, CR1200-1**, CR13400**, CR7200**, CR901SS**, CR903SS**, CR9200**, CR9201AA**, CR9201AN**, CR9201SS**, CR9220**, CR9220-1**

Concept (Homark) 01-100106, 02-100106

Carrera (Homark) 01-106201**, 02-106201**, 07-106201

Delonghi 5604VEB**, 5604VEW**, 5664.1CVEB**, 5664.1CVEW**, 9104VEB**, 9104VEW**, DFS090DO**, EDB475ST**, EDF495ST**, EOC3601B**, EOC3601G**, EOC3601W**, EOC360B**, EOC360G**, EOC360W**, EOF260B**, EOF260W**, ESF461ST**, ESF491ST**, ESI601B**, ESI601W**, ESM465EST**, ESM465ST**, ESM495ST**, ESS602**, ESS603**, ESS603WH**, GDF603**, GDF603.1ST**, GDF603L**, GDF603L.1ST**, PBKDF660**, PSSDF660**, PXDO60**, PXDO906**, PXDO906F

Homark 01-100206**, 01-500101**, 01-600106**, 01-606101**, 01-702101**, 02-100206**, 02-500101**, 02-600106**, 02-606101**, 02-702101**

Kenwood CK405FFD**, CK410**, CK446**, CK446FFD**, CK447**, CK447FFD**, CK480**, CK487**, CK740**, CK7401**, CK780**, CK940**, CKBU300

Lectron (Homark) 01-300106**, 02-300106

Prestige PR100DODF**, PR1D60**, PR1DO**, PR1E60**, PR1SO**, PR60BIDOE**, PR60BISOE**, PR60FSDODF**, PR60FSDOE**, PR90DODF

Tecnolec PRO60ESTF

White Westinghouse 01-200206**, 02-200206

£39.58 exc VAT
(£47.50 inc VAT)
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Fits: 48301

£20.00 exc VAT
(£24.00 inc VAT)
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