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ID: PME3370673075 Electrolux, Tricity Bendix, Zanussi Fan Motor 230V

Electrolux, Tricity Bendix, Zanussi Fan Motor 230V


EK6180W1 M.C GAS B     EKE6425 4G+F.EL.M.     EOB945GR1     EOB990X1 FAE M.P.UK
EK6541W1 4G+F.EL.M.     EKE6435 4G+F.EL.M.     EOB945W1     EOB994K1 FAE M-P E
EK6711W1 M.BL.VITRO     EKG6415 M.BLACK GA     EOB977X2 FAE M.C.UK     EOB994X1 FAE M-P E
EK6721W1 M.BL.VITRO     

Tricity Bendix



ZPM768X1 FAE M.P.ZA     ZPM769X1 FAE M.P.ZA 

Arthur Martin

FE2210W1 FAE CENT.M     FE4408NG1 FAE CENT.M     FE6215GP1 FAE CENT.M     FE6225W1 FAE CENT.M
FE2408NG1 FAE CENT.M     FE4408W1 FAE CENT.M     FE6215NG1 FAE CENT.M     FE6225X1 FAE CENT.M
FE2408W1 FAE CENT.M     FE4408X1 FAE CENT.M     FE6215W1 FAE CENT.M     FE6230ALU1 FAE CEN.M
FE4210ALU1 FAE CEN.M     FE4409ALU1 FAE CEN.M     FE6215X1 FAE CENT.M     FE6230NG1 FAE CENT.M
FE4210BP1 FAE CENT.M     FE4409MR1 FAE CENT.M     FE6220ALU1 FAE CEN.M     FE6230W1 FAE CENT.M
FE4210GP1 FAE CENT.M     FE4409NG1 FAE CENT.M     FE6220NG1 FAE CENT.M     FE6230X1 FAE CENT.M
FE4210NG1 FAE CENT.M     FE4409W1 FAE CENT.M     FE6220W1 FAE CENT.M     FE6412ALU1 FAE CEN.M
FE4210W1 FAE CENT.M     FE4409X1 FAE CENT.M     FE6220X1 FAE CENT.M     FE6412NG1 FAE CENT.M
FE4210X1 FAE CENT.M     FE6215ALU1 FAE CEN.M     FE6225ALU1 FAE CEN.M     FE6412W1 FAE CENT.M
FE6412X1 FAE CENT.M     FE6422W1 FAE CENT.M     FE6430NG1 FAE CENT.M     FE6625RX1 FAE CENT.M
FE6420ALU1 FAE CEN.M     FE6422X FAE CENT.M     FE6430W1 FAE CENT.M     FE6630NG1 FAE CENT.M
FE6420NG1 FAE CENT.M     FE6425ALU1 FAE CEN.M     FE6430X1 FAE CENT.M     FE6630W1 FAE CENT.M
FE6420W1 FAE CENT.M     FE6425NG1 FAE CENT.M     FE6625RN1 FAE CENT.M     FE6630X1 FAE CENT.M
FE6420X1 FAE CENT.M     FE6425W1 FAE CENT.M     FE6625RRN1 FAE CEN.M     G6529MCN1 M.C GAS A
FE6422ALU1 FAE CEN.M     FE6425X1 FAE CENT.M     FE6625RRW1 FAE CEN.M     G6529MCW1 M.C GAS A


£37.50 exc VAT
(£45.00 inc VAT)
ID: PME3370673091 Electrolux Fan Oven Motor

Electrolux Fan Oven Motor

B1180-4-B UK, B1180-4-B UK, B1180-4-M UK, B1180-4-M UK, B1180-4-W UK, B1180-4-W UK, B2100-4-B UK, B2100-4-B UK, B2100-4-M UK, B2100-4-M UK, B2100-4-W UK, B2100-4-W UK, B3101-4-B UK, B3101-4-B UK, B3101-4-D UK, B3101-4-D UK, B3101-4-M UK, B3101-4-M EURO, B3101-4-M UK, B3101-4-W UK, B3101-4-W EURO, B3101-4-W UK, B4101-4-A UK, B4101-4-A EURO, B4101-4-A UK, B4101-4-B UK, B4101-4-B EURO, B4101-4-B UK, B4101-4-M UK, B4101-4-M EURO, B4101-4-M UK, B4101-4-W UK, B4101-4-W EURO, B4101-4-W UK, D77000GF-M, D77000GF-W, E2191-4-A UK, E8931-4-A NORDIC, E8931-4-M NORDIC, B6100-1-D, CB1180-1-M UK, CB1180-1-W UK, CB2100-1-B UK, CB2100-1-D UK, CB2100-1-G UK, CB2100-1-M UK, CB2100-1-W UK, CB2190-1-B UK, CB2190-1-M UK, CB2190-1-W UK, CB3000-1-B EURO, CB3000-1-M EURO, CB3100-1-B EURO, CB3100-1-M EURO, CB3100-1-W EURO, CB3190-1-B EURO, CB3190-1-M EURO, CB3190-1-W EURO, CB4100-1-A UK, CB4100-1-A EURO, CB4100-1-B EURO, CB4100-1-D UK, CB4100-1-D EURO, CB4100-1-M UK, CB4100-1-M EURO, CB4100-1-W UK, CB4100-1-W EURO, CB4100-1-W SKAND., CB6100-1-A EURO, CB6100-1-B EURO, CB6100-1-M UK, CB6100-1-M EURO, CB6100-1-W UK, CB6100-1-W EURO, CB8100-1-A EURO, CB8100-1-B EURO, CB8100-1-M EURO, CB8100-1-W EURO, CE3000-1-B EURO, CE3000-1-M EURO, CE3000-1-W EURO, CE3100-1-B EURO, CE3100-1-D EURO, CE3100-1-M EURO, CE3100-1-W EURO, CE3190-1-B EURO, CE3190-1-M EURO, CE4100-1-A EURO, CE4100-1-B EURO, CE4100-1-D EURO, CE4100-1-M EURO, CE4100-1-W EURO, CE6100-1-A EURO, CE6100-1-B EURO, CE6100-1-M EURO, CE6100-1-W EURO, CE8100-1-A EURO, CE8100-1-B EURO, CE8100-1-M EURO, CE8100-1-W EURO, E2190-1-A

Electrolux: EKC5544K, EKC5544W, EKC5545X, EKC6044K, EKC6044W, EKC6045X, EKC6046K, EKC6046W, EKC6047X, EKC6049X, EKM6044WN, EKM6045XN, EKM6047XN, EKT6045X, EOB5627K, EOB5627W, EOB5627X, EOB6697X ELUX SPAI, EOB948K, EOB948W, EOB948X, EOB975B1, EOB975BU1, EOB975GR1, EOB975R1, EOB975W1, EOB5600B UK, EOB5600W UK, EOB5600X UK, EOB5610B UK, EOB5610W UK, EOB5610X UK, EOB5630B UK, EOB5630K UK, EOB5630W UK, EOB5630X UK, EOB5665G UK, EOB6630B UK, EOB6630C UK, EOB6630K UK, EOB6630U UK, EOB6630W UK, EOB6630X UK, EOB6630XK UK, EOB6632K UK, EOB6632U UK, EOB6632W UK, EOB6632X UK, EOB6636X UK, EOB6696X UK


£41.66 exc VAT
(£49.99 inc VAT)
ID: PME3530286016 Electroux, Zanussi Fan Blade
Image 1

Electroux, Zanussi Fan Blade


31006GM-WN     B89090-4     B8909-5     B99697-5-M
31006ML-MN     B89090-5     B99497-5-M     B99698-5-M
31006ML-WN     B89092-4M     B99498-5-M     B99897-5-M
37006GM-WN     B89093-4     B99597-5-M     B99898-5-M
37006ML-WN     B8909-4     B99598-5-M 


EKC6005     EKC601503W     EKC60353X     EKC6736
EKC60050     EKC601503X     EKC6700     EKC6740
EKC60050X     EKC6025     EKC6701     EKC6740X
EKC60055     EKC6025X     EKC6701X     EKC6741
EKC601300W     EKC60350     EKC6702     EKC6741X
EKC601300X     EKC603504W     EKC6705     EKC6745
EKC601301W     EKC603505W     EKC6706     EKC6745X
EKC601301X     EKC603505X     EKC6706X     EKC6746
EKC601501W     EKC60351     EKC6707X     EKC6750
EKC601501X     EKC60353     EKC6735     EKC6750X
EKC6751     EKG6013     EKG6704X     EKK601304X
EKC6751X     EKG601300W     EKK6003     EKK60330
EKC6780X     EKG6013X     EKK6005     EKK603300W
EKD600500W     EKG603300W     EKK601300W     EKK603301X
EKD600500X     EKG603300X     EKK601301W     EKK603302X
EKD603500W     EKG603301W     EKK601301X     EKK60331
EKD603500X     EKG603301X     EKK601302X     EKK60331X
EKE6005     EKG603302W     EKK601303W     EKK603500X
EKE6740     EKG603303W     EKK601303X     EKK603502W
EKE6741     EKG6704     EKK601304W     EKK603502X
EKK603503X     EKM601301W     EKM6700X     EKM6709X
EKK603504W     EKM601301X     EKM6701     EKM6710
EKK603504X     EKM60332     EKM6701X     EKM6710X
EKK603505W     EKM6035     EKM6702     EKM6711
EKK603505X     EKM60350     EKM6703     EKM6711X
EKK603506X     EKM603500W     EKM6704     EKM6712
EKM600300W     EKM603500X     EKM6705     EKM6713
EKM60032     EKM603501W     EKM6707     EKM6713X
EKM601300W     EKM603501X     EKM6707X     EKM6716X
EKM601300X     EKM6700     EKM6709     EKM6717X
EKM6722X     EOB3000X     EOB33200X     EOB3750X
EKM6726X     EOB31002CW     EOB3709XN     EOB3790LX
EKM6730X     EOB31002SA     EOB3710X     EOB3790X
EKM6740     EOB31002X     EOB3711W     EOB4750X
EKM6741     EOB31003X     EOB3711X     EOB4760X
EKM6745X     EOB31004X     EOB3712W     EOB50000X
EKM6746X     EOB31010W     EOB3712X     EOB51001K
EKM70150X     EOB31010X     EOB3730X     EOB51001W
EOB1711X     EOB33030X     EOB3738X     EOB51001X
EOB30001X     EOB33031X     EOB3740X     EOB53001W
EOB53001X     EOB5704W     EOB6730X     EOB9710X
EOB53003X     EOB5704X     EOB6730X-A     EOC6500X
EOB53010W     EOB5754X     EOB6740X     EOC6695X
EOB53010X     EOB66712X     EOB6740X-A     EOC6800X
EOB53011X     EOB66713X     EOB6790X     EOC69611X
EOB53101X     EOB66714X     EOB6790X-A     EOC69612X
EOB53102X     EOB6710X     EOB68713X     EOG1710X
EOB5700K     EOB6710X-A     EOB966K     EOG21300X
EOB5700W     EOB6711X     EOB966W     EOG21301X
EOB5700X     EOB6712X     EOB966X     EOG21302X
EON30620B     EON3700X     EON6701X     FEH60G3
EON30620W     EON3701W     EOS6700W     FEH60G3100
EON30620X     EON3701X     EOS6700X     FEH60P2
EON33000X     EON5700A     ESOMBR     FEH60P2/4
EON3600B     EON5700K     ESOMSS     FEH60P2100
EON3600W     EON5700W     ESOMWH     FEX60X
EON3600X     EON5700X     ESOPMSS     FEX60XL
EON3700A     EON6701FIX     FEH60G2     FHH6885GK
EON3700K     EON6701FXN     FEH60G2/4     FO60X
EON3700W     EON6701FXP     FEH60G2100     FO60XL
OE60B     OE60X     OE6MX     OE6SX 

Tricity Bendix

TBF610WH     TBF650WH     TBF650X     TBF690X


BMX316     ZBF560X     ZBM763X     ZBQ967SALU
ZBC747N     ZBF569SW     ZBM777N     ZBQ967SN
ZBC747W     ZBF569SX     ZBM777W     ZBQ967SW
ZBC749N     ZBM140XK     ZBM777X     ZBQ967SX
ZBF260W     ZBM140XK-A     ZBP1165X     ZBS1063X
ZBF260X     ZBM755N     ZBQ465X     ZBS663X
ZBF360B     ZBM755W     ZBQ865N     ZBS863X
ZBF360W     ZBM755X     ZBQ865W     ZBS963X
ZBF360X     ZBM763N     ZBQ865X     ZCB880XQ
ZBF361X     ZBM763W     ZBQ967ALU     ZCB990XQ
ZCC6600W     ZCC6658X     ZCM640W     ZCM6605X
ZCC6600X     ZCC6680X     ZCM641X     ZCM6650W
ZCC6601W     ZCE640W     ZCM650BK     ZCM6651W
ZCC6655W     ZCE641X     ZCM650W     ZCM760DCX
ZCC6655X     ZCE650BK     ZCM651X     ZCM760GX
ZCC6656W     ZCE650W     ZCM6600W     ZCS6600W
ZCC6656X     ZCE651X     ZCM6601W     ZCS6601W
ZCC6657W     ZCE6601W     ZCM6603W     ZCS6602W
ZCC6657X     ZCE661W     ZCM6603X     ZCS6603W
ZCC6658W     ZCE661W/4     ZCM6605W     ZHM727B
ZHM727W     ZHM763N     ZOB161X     ZOB282WC
ZHM727X     ZHM763W     ZOB180NC     ZOB316ST
ZHM728B     ZHM763X     ZOB181CC     ZOB330W
ZHM728W     ZHM834IW     ZOB181NC     ZOB330X
ZHM728X     ZHM834IX     ZOB182CC     ZOB331X
ZHM738X     ZHM835X     ZOB182NC     ZOB334W
ZHM755N     ZLB331N     ZOB230W     ZOB334X
ZHM755W     ZLB331X     ZOB230X     ZOB335X
ZHM755X     ZOB1060X     ZOB231YC     ZOB342W
ZHM756X     ZOB151NC     ZOB282NC     ZOB342X
ZOB360N     ZOB382W     ZOB472X     ZOB492X
ZOB360X     ZOB382X     ZOB481NQ     ZOB511XL
ZOB361N     ZOB440X     ZOB481WQ     ZOB511XS
ZOB361W     ZOB451X     ZOB481XQ     ZOB550WL
ZOB361X     ZOB460X     ZOB482N     ZOB550X
ZOB362N     ZOB461X     ZOB482W     ZOB550XL
ZOB362X     ZOB461XL     ZOB482X     ZOB551X
ZOB363X     ZOB462X     ZOB482XL     ZOB555WL
ZOB364X     ZOB471X     ZOB482XQ     ZOB555XL
ZOB381X     ZOB472W     ZOB491X     ZOB561NQ
ZOB561XQ     ZOB592XQ     ZOB646QW     ZOB654W
ZOB561XS     ZOB593AQ     ZOB646QX     ZOB654X
ZOB562XL     ZOB593XQ     ZOB646W     ZOB655N
ZOB580N     ZOB594AQ     ZOB646X     ZOB655W
ZOB580X     ZOB594XQ     ZOB647QN     ZOB655X
ZOB581XQ     ZOB645N     ZOB647QW     ZOB656X
ZOB582XS     ZOB645W     ZOB647QX     ZOB660X
ZOB590X     ZOB645X     ZOB651N     ZOB662X
ZOB592NQ     ZOB646N     ZOB651W     ZOB665N
ZOB592WQ     ZOB646QN     ZOB651X     ZOB665X
ZOB666QN     ZOB668QY     ZOB690SN     ZOB865QAR
ZOB666QW     ZOB668W     ZOB690X     ZOB865QX
ZOB666QX     ZOB668X     ZOB691C     ZOB865QXR
ZOB667QA     ZOB669X     ZOB691N     ZOB880XS
ZOB667QX     ZOB680XS     ZOB691X     ZOB889SW
ZOB668N     ZOB682X     ZOB745QXR     ZOB889SX
ZOB668QB     ZOB689SW     ZOB765X     ZOB890WQ
ZOB668QN     ZOB689SX     ZOB780W     ZOB890XQ
ZOB668QW     ZOB689W     ZOB780X     ZOB891QN
ZOB668QX     ZOB689X     ZOB865QA     ZOB891QW
ZOB891QX     ZOB899QW     ZOBK299SX     ZOG730N
ZOB891SX     ZOB899QXR     ZOBK91QA     ZOG730W
ZOB891X     ZOB899WS     ZOBK91QLX     ZOG730X
ZOB892QN     ZOB899XS     ZOBK91SX     ZOS745QX
ZOB892QW     ZOB985QPW     ZOBK91X     ZOS865QX
ZOB892QX     ZOB985QPX     ZOBK92QA     ZOU132B
ZOB892SX     ZOB985QX     ZOBK92QX     ZOU132W
ZOB892X     ZOB990XS     ZOBK92SX     ZOU132X
ZOB893QA     ZOB991X     ZOBK93SX     ZOU133B
ZOB893QX     ZOB995XL     ZOG645IX     ZOU133W
ZOU133X     ZOU261X     ZOU342W     ZOU379FX
ZOU134B     ZOU332FTIN     ZOU342X     ZOU381N
ZOU134W     ZOU332FTIW     ZOU346B     ZOU381X
ZOU134X     ZOU332FTIX     ZOU346W     ZOU399B
ZOU135X     ZOU333B     ZOU346X     ZOU399W
ZOU161B     ZOU333N     ZOU359FX     ZOU399X
ZOU161W     ZOU333W     ZOU361X     ZOU444B
ZOU161X     ZOU333X     ZOU362X     ZOU444N
ZOU231X     ZOU334W     ZOU363X     ZOU444W
ZOU251X     ZOU334X     ZOU368FX     ZOU444X
ZOU461X     ZOU561X     ZOU646QN     ZOU654FTN
ZOU462X     ZOU581X     ZOU646QW     ZOU654FTW
ZOU463X     ZOU581XQ     ZOU646QX     ZOU654FTX
ZOU481N     ZOU592X     ZOU646W     ZOU655W
ZOU481NQ     ZOU643N     ZOU646X     ZOU655X
ZOU481X     ZOU643W     ZOU647QN     ZOU657B
ZOU481XQ     ZOU643X     ZOU647QW     ZOU657W
ZOU482X     ZOU645N     ZOU647QX     ZOU657X
ZOU561N     ZOU645X     ZOU653FTIW     ZOU662QN
ZOU561W     ZOU646N     ZOU653FTIX     ZOU662QW
ZOU662QX     ZOU682W     ZOU884X     ZPB1260X
ZOU666X     ZOU682X     ZOU885ALU     ZYB380X
ZOU667QN     ZOU694FTN     ZOU891W     ZYB590XL
ZOU667QX     ZOU799QW     ZOU891X     ZYB591WQ
ZOU668N     ZOU852X     ZOU893QW     ZYB591XL
ZOU668W     ZOU854X     ZOU893QX     ZYB591XQ
ZOU668X     ZOU882X     ZOU91KX     ZYB593XQ
ZOU669X     ZOU884B     ZOU984FTX     ZYB594X
ZOU682B     ZOU884W     ZOUK91PX     ZYB992X 

Arthur Martin

AOB66310X     AOC66314K     EKD607700W     EKM607700W
AOC66311K     AOC66314W     EKD607700X     EKM607701W
AOC66311W     AOC66314X     EKD607750W     EKM70570X
AOC66311X     E6866MCW     EKD607750X     FE4418X
AOC66312K     E6878CMW     EKE601300W     G6823MCN
AOC66312W     E6878MPW     EKG601300W     G6823MCW
AOC66312X     E6878MPW1     EKM600300W     G6823MCX
AOC66313K     EKC605300S     EKM603300W     GV683MCW
AOC66313W     EKC605300W     EKM60570X     M6832MCW
AOC66313X     EKC607700W     EKM606700W     M6835MCW
M6837MCW     M6874MPW1     MV689MPW1     V6898MPW
M6844CPW     M6876MPN     V6887MCN     V6898MPW1
M6872MPW     M6876MPW     V6887MCW     V6898MPX
M6873MPW     M6876MPW1     V6898MPN     V6898MPX1
M6874MPN     MV689MPN     V6898MPN1     Z6874MPX
M6874MPW     MV689MPW 


OX6211CUU/A01     OX6211EUU/A01     OX6211HUU/A02     OX6292EUU/A01
OX6211CUU/A02     OX6211EUU/A02     OX6211LUU/A01     OX6292EUU/A02
OX6211CUU/A03     OX6211EUU/A03     OX6211PUU/A01     OX6292LUU/A01
OX6211CUU/A04     OX6211HUU/A01 

John Lewis

JLBIOS601     JLBIOS602     JLBIOS603 


MSF610B     MSF611B     MSF611X     MSF616X
MSF610W     MSF611W     MSF615X     MSF620X 





£7.92 exc VAT
(£9.50 inc VAT)
ID: PME3570114102 Moffat/Electrolux Motor

Moffat/Electrolux Motor

Fits Firenzi : FSF 650BK

Fits Moffat: MSF615

Electrolux Parts: • MS60B/ 60W/ 61B/ 61W/ 65B/ 65W • MSF610B/ 610W/ 615X : • MS60B (94971038400)/ 60B (94971038400)/ 60W (94971038300)/ 60W (94971038300)/ 61B (94971064000)/ 61B (94971064000)/ 61W (94971063900)/ 61W (94971063900)/ 65B (94971057500)/ 65B (94971057500)/ 65W (94971057400)/ 65W (94971057400)

Electrolux: • EOB842B/ 842W/ 847B/ 847W/ 966B/ 966BK/ 966W/ 966X • EPSO • EPSOMBR • EPSOMSS • EPSOMWH

Tricity: • BS690GR (94971043800)/ 690GR (94971043800)/ 692SS (94971044800)/ 692SS (94971044800)

Zanussi: • BMS641X/ 641X (94971063200)/ 641X (94971063200) • ZBC741R/ 748C/ 748C (94971057600)/ 748C (94971057600)/ 748G/ 748G (94971057700)/ 748G (94971057700)/ 848C/ 848CU/ 848G • ZBD902B/ 902B (94970006700)/ 902B (94970006700)/ 902B (94970006701)/ 902B (94970006701)/ 902W/ 902W (94970006800)/ 902W (94970006800)/ 902W (94970006801)/ 902W (94970006801)/ 903B/ 903B (94970004800)/ 903B (94970004800)/ 903W/ 903W (94970004900)/ 903W (94970004900)/ 904/ 904 (94978900900)/ 904 (94978900900)/ 904 (94978901000)/ 904 (94978901000)/ 904 (94978901300)/ 904 (94978901300)/ 904B/ 904B (94978901301)/ 904B (94978901301)/ 904W/ 904W (94978901400)/ 904W (94978901400)/ 904W (94978901401)/ 904W (94978901401) • ZBF260W/ 260X/ 360B/ 360W/ 360X/ 660B/ 660N/ 660W/ 660X/ 669SW/ 669SX/ 760B/ 760B (94971057000)/ 760B (94971057000)/ 760W/ 760W (94971057100)/ 760W (94971057100)/ 860B/ 860W/ 860X/ 863B/ 863W/ 865A/ 865B/ 865N/ 865W/ 865X/ 865Y • ZBM878B/ 878N/ 878W/ 878X/ 879SB/ 879SW/ 879SX/ 890B/ 890W/ 972ALU/ 973ALU • ZBQ365/ 365B/ 365N/ 365W/ 665ALU/ 665ALUR/ 665N/ 665W/ 665X/ 665XR/ 965ALU/ 965ALUR/ 965N/ 965W/ 965X/ 965XR • ZBS663/ 701B/ 701B (94971039400)/ 701B (94971039400)/ 701W/ 701W (94971039500)/ 701W (94971039500)/ 703A/ 703A (94971035400)/ 703A (94971035400)/ 703B/ 703B (94971035500)/ 703B (94971035500)/ 703BL/ 703BL (94971035700)/ 703BL (94971035700)/ 703SS/ 703SS (94971035300)/ 703SS (94971035300)/ 703W/ 703W (94971035600)/ 703W (94971035600)/ 705B/ 705B (94971040100)/ 705B (94971040100)/ 705W/ 705W (94971040200)/ 705W (94971040200)/ 772X/ 773X/ 963X • ZBV848G • ZCE611X/ 631X/ 7000B/ 7000B (94870005600)/ 7000B (94870005600)/ 7000W/ 7000W (94870005500)/ 7000W (94870005500)/ 700X • ZCM5200B/ 5200B (94771008700)/ 5200B (94771008700)/ 5200B (94771009000)/ 5200B (94771009000)/ 5200W/ 5200W (94771008600)/ 5200W (94771008600)/ 5200W (94771008900)/ 5200W (94771008900)/ 611X/ 631X/ 700X • ZDA45B/ 45B (94970004400)/ 45B (94970004400)/ 45W/ 45W (94970004500)/ 45W (94970004500)/ 55B/ 55B (94970004600)/ 55B (94970004600)/ 55W/ 55W (94970004700)/ 55W (94970004700) • ZDC888C/ 888G • ZDF86/ 866B/ 866W/ 866X • ZDM769X/ 769X (94970007100)/ 769X (94970007100)/ 769X (94970007101)/ 769X (94970007101)/ 86/ 868B/ 868W/ 869/ 869X/ 891B/ 891W • ZSA10B/ 10B (94971041700)/ 10B (94971041700)/ 10B (94971046200)/ 10B (94971046200)/ 10W/ 10W (94971041800)/ 10W (94971041800)/ 10W (94971041801)/ 10W (94971041801)/ 10W (94971046100)/ 10W (94971046100)/ 15B/ 15B (94971034700)/ 15B (94971034700)/ 15W/ 15W (94971034800)/ 15W (94971034800)/ 25B/ 25B (94971034900)/ 25B (94971034900)/ 25W/ 25W (94971035000)/ 25W (94971035000)/ 35B/ 35B (94971035100)/ 35B (94971035100)/ 35W/ 35W (94971035200)/ 35W (94971035200) zbf860w.

£39.58 exc VAT
(£47.50 inc VAT)
ID: PME3570114110 Fan Oven Motor
Image 1 Fan Oven Motor 

Fits John Lewis:
JLBIOS601**, JLBIOS602**, JLBIOS603**

Fits Electrolux: EOB5700K**, EOB5700W**, EOB5700X**, EOB966K**, EOB966W**, EOB966X**, EOS6700W**, EOS6700X**, ESOMBR**, ESOMSS**, ESOMWH**, ESOPMSS**

Fits Zanussi: ZBF260W**, ZBF260X**, ZBF360B**, ZBF360W**, ZBF360X**, ZBF361X**, ZBF560X**, ZBF569SW**, ZBF569SX**, ZBQ465X**, ZBQ865N**, ZBQ865W**, ZBQ865X**, ZBS663X**, ZBS863X**, ZCE640W**, ZCE641X**, ZCE650W**, ZCM640W**, ZCM641X**, ZCM651X**, ZOB1060X**, ZOB660X**, ZPB1260X**, ZOB891X

Fits Firenzi: FSF650BK**, FSF650SS**, FSF650WH**

Fits Moffat: MSF610B**, MSF610W**, MSF615X**

£39.58 exc VAT
(£47.50 inc VAT)
ID: PME4055015707 Fan Oven Motor

Fan Oven Motor

Fits AEG: 31006GM-WN     B89090-4     B8909-5     B99697-5-M

31006ML-MN     B89090-5     B99497-5-M     B99698-5-M
31006ML-WN     B89092-4M     B99498-5-M     B99897-5-M
37006GM-WN     B89093-4     B99597-5-M     B99898-5-M
37006ML-WN     B8909-4     B99598-5-M 

Fits Electrolux EKC60005W     EKC601501W     EKC60351     EKC6707X

EKC60007W     EKC601501X     EKC60353     EKC6736

EKC6005     EKC601503W     EKC60353X     EKC6740X
EKC60050     EKC601503X     EKC607700W     EKC6741
EKC60050X     EKC6025     EKC6700     EKC6741X
EKC60055     EKC6025X     EKC6701     EKC6745X
EKC601300W     EKC60350     EKC6701X     EKC6746
EKC601300X     EKC603504W     EKC6705     EKC6750
EKC601301W     EKC603505W     EKC6706     EKC6751
EKC601301X     EKC603505X     EKC6706X     EKC6751X 
EKD60005W     EKE60007W     EKG603301X     EKK601301X
EKD60008W     EKE6005     EKG603302W     EKK601302X
EKD60008X     EKE6741     EKG603302X     EKK601303W
EKD600500W     EKG6013     EKG603303W     EKK601303X
EKD600500X     EKG601300W     EKG6704     EKK601304W
EKD603500W     EKG601301W     EKG6704X     EKK601304X
EKD603500X     EKG6013X     EKK6003     EKK601305X
EKD603501W     EKG603300W     EKK6005     EKK60330
EKD603501X     EKG603300X     EKK601300W     EKK603300W
EKD603502X     EKG603301W     EKK601301W     EKK603301X 
EKK603302X     EKK603505X     EKM60332     EKM6700
EKK60331     EKK603506X     EKM6035     EKM6700X
EKK60331X     EKK603507X     EKM60350     EKM6701
EKK603500X     EKM600300W     EKM603500W     EKM6701X
EKK603502W     EKM600301W     EKM603500X     EKM6702
EKK603502X     EKM60032     EKM603501W     EKM6703
EKK603503X     EKM601300W     EKM603501X     EKM6704
EKK603504W     EKM601300X     EKM606700W     EKM6705
EKK603504X     EKM601301W     EKM607701W     EKM6707
EKK603505W     EKM601301X     EKM607703W     EKM6707X 
EKM6709     EKM6717X     EOB31002CW     EOB33200X
EKM6709X     EKM6722X     EOB31002K     EOB3709XN
EKM6710     EKM6726X     EOB31002SA     EOB3711X
EKM6710X     EKM6730X     EOB31002X     EOB3712X
EKM6711     EKM6741     EOB31003X     EOB3730X
EKM6711X     EKM6746X     EOB31004X     EOB3738X
EKM6712     EKM70150X     EOB31010W     EOB3740X
EKM6713     EOB1711X     EOB31010X     EOB3750X
EKM6713X     EOB30001X     EOB33030X     EOB3790LX
EKM6716X     EOB3000X     EOB33031X     EOB3790X 
EOB4750X     EOB53010W     EOB5704X     EOB6730X-A
EOB4760X     EOB53010X     EOB5754X     EOB6740X
EOB50000X     EOB53011X     EOB66712X     EOB6740X-A
EOB51001K     EOB53101X     EOB66713X     EOB6790X
EOB51001W     EOB53102X     EOB66714X     EOB6790X-A
EOB51001X     EOB53103X     EOB6710X     EOB68713X
EOB53001W     EOB5700K     EOB6710X-A     EOB966W
EOB53001X     EOB5700W     EOB6711X     EOB966X
EOB53003X     EOB5700X     EOB6712X     EOB9710X
EOB53004X     EOB5704W     EOB6730X     EOC55110X 
EOC55200X     EOG21301X     EON3701X     ESOPMSS
EOC6500X     EOG21302X     EON6701FIX     FEX60X
EOC66700X     EON30620B     EON6701FXN     FEX60XL
EOC6695X     EON30620W     EON6701FXP     FHH6885GK
EOC6800X     EON30620X     EON6701X     FO60X
EOC69611X     EON33000X     EOS6700W     FO60XL
EOC69612X     EON3600B     EOS6700X     OE60B
EOG1710X     EON3600W     ESOMSS     OE60X
EOG21300X     EON3600X     ESOMWH 

Fits Tricity Bendix: TBF610WH     TBF650WH     TBF650X     TBF690X


Fits Zanussi: BMX316     ZBM755N     ZBS863X     ZCC6658W

ZBC749N     ZBM755X     ZCC6600W     ZCC6658X
ZBF260W     ZBM763X     ZCC6600X     ZCC6680X
ZBF260X     ZBP1165X     ZCC6601W     ZCE640W
ZBF360B     ZBQ465X     ZCC6655W     ZCE641X
ZBF360W     ZBQ865N     ZCC6655X     ZCE650W
ZBF360X     ZBQ865W     ZCC6656W     ZCE651X
ZBF560X     ZBQ865X     ZCC6656X     ZCE6601W
ZBF569SW     ZBQ967SN     ZCC6657W     ZCE661W
ZBF569SX     ZBS1063X     ZCC6657X     ZCM640W 
ZCM641X     ZCM760DCX     ZHM728X     ZOB1060X
ZCM651X     ZCM760GX     ZHM738X     ZOB151NC
ZCM6600W     ZCS6600W     ZHM755N     ZOB161X
ZCM6601W     ZCS6602W     ZHM755X     ZOB180NC
ZCM6603W     ZCS6603W     ZHM763X     ZOB181CC
ZCM6603X     ZHM727B     ZHM834IW     ZOB181NC
ZCM6605W     ZHM727W     ZHM834IX     ZOB182CC
ZCM6605X     ZHM727X     ZHM835X     ZOB182NC
ZCM6650W     ZHM728B     ZLB331N     ZOB230N
ZCM6651W     ZHM728W     ZLB331X     ZOB230W 
ZOB230X     ZOB334X     ZOB362X     ZOB461XL
ZOB231YC     ZOB335X     ZOB363X     ZOB462X
ZOB282CC     ZOB342W     ZOB364X     ZOB471X
ZOB282NC     ZOB342X     ZOB381X     ZOB472W
ZOB282WC     ZOB360N     ZOB382W     ZOB472X
ZOB316ST     ZOB360X     ZOB382X     ZOB481NQ
ZOB330W     ZOB361N     ZOB440X     ZOB481WQ
ZOB330X     ZOB361W     ZOB451X     ZOB481XQ
ZOB331X     ZOB361X     ZOB460X     ZOB482N
ZOB334W     ZOB362N     ZOB461X     ZOB482W 
ZOB482X     ZOB551X     ZOB582XS     ZOB645X
ZOB482XL     ZOB555WL     ZOB590X     ZOB646N
ZOB482XQ     ZOB555XL     ZOB592NQ     ZOB646QN
ZOB491X     ZOB561NQ     ZOB592WQ     ZOB646QW
ZOB492X     ZOB561XQ     ZOB592XQ     ZOB646QX
ZOB511XL     ZOB561XS     ZOB593AQ     ZOB646W
ZOB511XS     ZOB562XL     ZOB593XQ     ZOB646X
ZOB550WL     ZOB580N     ZOB594AQ     ZOB647QN
ZOB550X     ZOB580X     ZOB594XQ     ZOB647QW
ZOB550XL     ZOB581XQ     ZOB645W     ZOB647QX 
ZOB651N     ZOB662X     ZOB668W     ZOB691C
ZOB651W     ZOB665N     ZOB668X     ZOB691N
ZOB651X     ZOB665X     ZOB669X     ZOB691X
ZOB654W     ZOB667QX     ZOB680XS     ZOB765X
ZOB654X     ZOB668N     ZOB682X     ZOB780W
ZOB655N     ZOB668QB     ZOB689SX     ZOB780X
ZOB655W     ZOB668QN     ZOB689W     ZOB865QAR
ZOB655X     ZOB668QW     ZOB689X     ZOB865QX
ZOB656X     ZOB668QX     ZOB690SN     ZOB880XS
ZOB660X     ZOB668QY     ZOB690X     ZOB889SX 
ZOB890WQ     ZOB892X     ZOB995XL     ZOG645IX
ZOB890XQ     ZOB893QX     ZOBK299SX     ZOG730N
ZOB891QN     ZOB899QW     ZOBK91QA     ZOS865QX
ZOB891QW     ZOB899QXR     ZOBK91QLX     ZOU132B
ZOB891QX     ZOB899XS     ZOBK91SX     ZOU132W
ZOB891SX     ZOB985QPW     ZOBK91X     ZOU132X
ZOB891X     ZOB985QPX     ZOBK92QA     ZOU133B
ZOB892QW     ZOB985QX     ZOBK92QX     ZOU133W
ZOB892QX     ZOB990XS     ZOBK92SX     ZOU133X
ZOB892SX     ZOB991X     ZOBK93SX     ZOU134B 
ZOU134W     ZOU332FTIX     ZOU346W     ZOU381X
ZOU134X     ZOU333B     ZOU346X     ZOU399B
ZOU135X     ZOU333N     ZOU359FX     ZOU399W
ZOU161B     ZOU333W     ZOU361X     ZOU399X
ZOU161W     ZOU333X     ZOU362X     ZOU444B
ZOU161X     ZOU334W     ZOU363X     ZOU444N
ZOU231X     ZOU334X     ZOU368FX     ZOU444W
ZOU251X     ZOU342W     ZOU379FTX     ZOU444X
ZOU261X     ZOU342X     ZOU379FX     ZOU461X
ZOU332FTIW     ZOU346B     ZOU381N     ZOU462X 
ZOU463X     ZOU592X     ZOU653FTIX     ZOU669X
ZOU481N     ZOU643N     ZOU654FTX     ZOU682X
ZOU481NQ     ZOU643W     ZOU655W     ZOU852X
ZOU481X     ZOU643X     ZOU655X     ZOU854X
ZOU481XQ     ZOU645X     ZOU657W     ZOU882X
ZOU482X     ZOU646QN     ZOU657X     ZOU884W
ZOU561W     ZOU646QX     ZOU662QX     ZOU884X
ZOU561X     ZOU646X     ZOU667QX     ZOU891X
ZOU581X     ZOU647QN     ZOU668N     ZOU893QX
ZOU581XQ     ZOU647QX     ZOU668X     ZOU91KX 
ZOUK91PX     ZYB460X     ZYB591WQ     ZYB593XQ
ZPB1260X     ZYB590X     ZYB591XL     ZYB594X
ZYB380X     ZYB590XL     ZYB591XQ     ZYB992X 

Fits Arthur Martin: AOB66310X     AOC66314K     EKC607701W     EKM600300W

AOC66311K     AOC66314W     EKD607700W     EKM603300W
AOC66311W     AOC66314X     EKD607700X     EKM60570X
AOC66311X     E6866MCW     EKD607701X     EKM606700W
AOC66312K     E6878MPW     EKD607750W     EKM606700X
AOC66312W     E6878MPW1     EKD607750X     EKM607700W
AOC66312X     EKC605300S     EKD607751X     EKM607701W
AOC66313K     EKC605300W     EKE601300W     EKM607702W
AOC66313W     EKC605301S     EKE601301W     EKM70570X
AOC66313X     EKC607700W     EKG601300W     FE4418X 
G6823MCN     M6872MPW     M6876MPW1     V6898MPN1
G6823MCW     M6873MPW     MV689MPW1     V6898MPW1
GV683MCW     M6874MPN     V6887MCN     V6898MPX
M6832MCW     M6874MPW1     V6887MCW     V6898MPX1
M6835MCW     M6876MPN     V6898MPN     Z6874MPX

Fits John Lewis: JLBIOS601     JLBIOS603     JLBIOS661     JLBIOS662


Fits Firenzi: FSF650BK     FSF650WH 

£31.25 exc VAT
(£37.50 inc VAT)
ID: PME50218580004 Electrolux & Zanussi Main Oven Fan Motor

Electrolux & Zanussi Main Oven Fan Motor


EK6721X     EK6722     EK9720X     EK9721 


BM15     FBI553B     HM50     Z791BP
BM50     FBI553W     HM91X     Z791MI
BM91EB     FM342G     HMW14     Z791MP
BM91EN     FM343GW     HMW50     ZE70B
BM91ES     FM5230     MC5634     ZE70N
BM91EW     FM9230     MC9634     ZE71B
BMN15     GCF5621     MWB3050E     ZE71N
BMW15     GCF9621     MWH2000     ZE80I
BMW50     HM14     MWH2050     ZE81I
DEM9542S     HM14X     Z791BI     ZOA5
ZOS7     ZPB9     ZPW9 

FM510 FM22A FM30 FM31A FM32A FM56 FM560 FM565

£58.33 exc VAT
(£70.00 inc VAT)
ID: PME50271880002 Zanussi Main Oven Motor Assembly

Zanussi Main Oven Motor Assembly

Fits Zanussi: ZCM900X, ZCM930X 

This spare is PNC number dependent. Please contact us with full model and PNC number so we can check this is the correct spare.

£63.33 exc VAT
(£76.00 inc VAT)
ID: PME50298370003 Zanussi, Fan Motor

Zanussi, Fan Motor 

Fits: ZKC5010S1. ZCU5030S1, ZKS5010W1, ZCU563DW

£49.99 exc VAT
(£59.99 inc VAT)
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ID: PME572493570004 Electrolux Fan Motor (Now Obsolete)

Electrolux Fan Motor

Electra: • EL230W

: • CF604/ 604/ 604

: • 1568/ 1588/ 1588W (94851400800)/ 1588W/ 2166/ 2174/ 2175/ 2176/ 2606/ 2734/ 2735/ 2736/ 2737/ 2738/ 2758/ 2788/ 2789/ 3000S/ 4610W/ 4628/ 4629/ 4638/ 4639/ 4639B/ 4648 • EL230 (94851001900)/ 230W/1 (94851002200) • SB230W (94851001800)

: • HC5617/ 5617/ 5617NA/2/ 5617NA/2/ 5617NA2/ 9617/ 9617/ 9617/ 9617NA/2/ 9617NA/2/ 9617NA2

This motor is obsolete & no longer available

Contact Us For Details  
ID: PME572571346004 Electrolux Fan motor (Taran fan) Sits behind facia panel 78468 4628 cooker (Cooling motor)
Fan motor (Taran fan) Sits behind facia panel 78468 4628 cooker (Cooling motor)

Electrolux:  CF604/ 604 (94852400000)/ 604 (94852400100)/ 604/ 604 Tricity:  3000S (94852400200)/ 3000S/ 4610W (94852305400)/ 4610W/ 4622/ 4628/ 4629/ 4638/ 4639/ 4639B  BD940B (94417101400)/ 940B (94417101400)/ 940W (94417101500)/ 940W (94417101500)  SI106B/2 (94852305203)/ 106B/2/ 106W/2 (94852305103)/ 106W/2/ 106WNA/2 (94852305900)/ 106WNA/2 Zanussi:  HC5617/ 5617 (94852305600)/ 5617 (94852305601)/ 5617 (94852305800)/ 5617 (94890090100)/ 5617/ 5617/ 5617/ 5617/ 5617NA/2/ 5617NA/2 (94852305801)/ 5617NA/2/ 5617NA2/ 9617/ 9617 (94852305500)/ 9617 (94852305501)/ 9617 (94890090200)/ 9617/ 9617/ 9617/ 9617NA/2/ 9617NA/2 (94852305701)/ 9617NA/2/ 9617NA2

£43.33 exc VAT
(£52.00 inc VAT)
ID: PME795210548 Fan Motor
Fan Motor

Fits Smeg:

£57.92 exc VAT
(£69.50 inc VAT)
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ID: PME8996619143788 AEG Fan Oven Motor

AEG Fan Oven Motor

Fits AEG:
3032B-B, 3032B-B GB, 3032B-D, 3032B-D GB, 3032B-W, 3040B-D GB, 3040B-W GB, 30480B-D GB, 30480B-W GB, 3050B-D GB, 3050B-W GB, 30580B-D GB, 30580B-W GB, 30581B-D, 30581B-D GB, 30581B-W, 30581B-W GB, 3120B-D GB, 3120B-W GB, 3121B-D, 3121B-W, 3180V-W GB, 3200B-D GB, 3200B-W GB, 3200F-D GB, 3200F-W GB, 3201B-D, 3201B-M, 3201B-RG, 3201B-W, 3201F-D, 3201F-RG, 3201F-W, 32080B-D GB, 32080B-W GB, 32081B-D, 32081B-M, 32081B-RG, 32081B-W, 5150B-D GB, 5150B-W GB, 5151B-D, 5151B-W, 51580B-D GB, 51580B-W GB, 51581B-D, 51581B-W, 5200B-D GB, 5200B-W GB, 5201B-B, 5201B-D, 5201B-W, 52080B-D GB, 52080B-W GB, 52081B-B, 52081B-D, 52081B-W, 5210V-D GB, 5210V-W GB, 5211V-D, 5211V-W, 5211V-W GB, 5230B-D GB, 5230B-W GB, 5231B-B, 5231B-D, 5231B-W, 52380B-D GB, 52380B-W GB, 52381B-B, 52381B-D, 52381B-M, 52381B-W, 5250B-B GB, 5250B-D GB, 5250B-W GB, 52580B-B GB, 52580B-D GB, 52580B-W GB, 53080B-B GB, 53080B-D GB, 53080B-W GB, 53081B-D, 53081B-W, 5310B-B GB, 5310B-D GB, 5310B-W GB, 5311B-B, 5311B-D, 5311B-M, 5311B-W, 5330B-M GB, 5400B-D GB, 5400B-W GB, 5730V-W GB, 5731V-W, 76580B-B GB, 76580B-D GB, 76580B-W GB, 7660B-B3D GB, 7660B-D3D GB, 7660B-M3D GB, 7660B-W3D GB, 99080B-D GB, 99080B-W GB, 9950B-D3D GB, 9950B-W3D GB ,54081B ,


FHH 60 - GK2     FHU 50-GK1     FHU 60-GK1


£62.08 exc VAT
(£74.50 inc VAT)
ID: PME8996619144117 Aeg Cooling Fan Motor

Aeg Cooling Fan Motor 


£74.58 exc VAT
(£89.50 inc VAT)
ID: PMFANIND Indesit Fan Blade
Image 1 Indesit Fan Blade

Fits Indesit:

£16.66 exc VAT
(£19.99 inc VAT)
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