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ID: PMAKL8871IN Ignis TOC for cooling fan (in line with fan motor)
Image 1 Ignis TOC for cooling fan (in line with fan motor)

Fits Ignis:

£37.08 exc VAT
(£44.50 inc VAT)
ID: PMDEL066080 CDA Cooling Fan TOC
Image 1

CDA Cooling Fan TOC

Fits CDA:

£15.42 exc VAT
(£18.50 inc VAT)
ID: PME3302081058 Thermostat (Cooling Fan)
Image 1 Thermostat

Fits AEG:
B1100-4-M EURO, B1100-4-W EURO, B1180-4-B UK, B1180-4-B UK, B1180-4-M UK, B1180-4-M UK, B1180-4-W UK, B1180-4-W UK, B2100-4-B UK, B2100-4-B UK, B2100-4-M UK, B2100-4-M UK, B2100-4-W UK, B2100-4-W UK, B3101-4-B UK, B3101-4-B UK, B3101-4-D UK, B3101-4-D UK, B3101-4-M UK, B3101-4-M EURO, B3101-4-M UK, B3101-4-W UK, B3101-4-W EURO, B3101-4-W UK, B4101-4-A UK, B4101-4-A EURO, B4101-4-A UK, B4101-4-B UK, B4101-4-B EURO, B4101-4-B UK, B4101-4-M UK, B4101-4-M EURO, B4101-4-M UK, B4101-4-W UK, B4101-4-W EURO, B4101-4-W UK, CB1100-1-B EURO, CB1100-1-D EURO, CB1100-1-M EURO, CB1100-1-W EURO, CB1100-2-B EURO, CB1100-2-M EURO, CB1100-2-W EURO, CB1180-1-M UK, CB1180-1-W UK, CB2100-1-B UK, CB2100-1-D UK, CB2100-1-G UK, CB2100-1-M UK, CB2100-1-W UK, CB2190-1-B UK, CB2190-1-M UK, CB2190-1-W UK, CB3000-1-B EURO, CB3000-1-M EURO, CB3100-1-B EURO, CB3100-1-M EURO, CB3100-1-W EURO, CB3190-1-B EURO, CB3190-1-M EURO, CB3190-1-W EURO, CB4100-1-A UK, CB4100-1-A EURO, CB4100-1-B EURO, CB4100-1-D UK, CB4100-1-D EURO, CB4100-1-M UK, CB4100-1-M EURO, CB4100-1-W UK, CB4100-1-W EURO, CB4100-1-W SKAND., CB4100-A UK, CB81005-A UK, CE1100-1-B EURO, CE1100-1-M EURO, CE1100-1-W EURO, CE1100-2-B EURO, CE1100-2-M EURO, CE1100-2-W EURO, CE3000-1-B EURO, CE3000-1-M EURO, CE3000-1-W EURO, CE3100-1-B EURO, CE3100-1-D EURO, CE3100-1-M EURO, CE3100-1-W EURO, CE3190-1-B EURO, CE3190-1-M EURO, CE4100-1-A EURO, CE4100-1-B EURO, CE4100-1-D EURO, CE4100-1-M EURO, CE4100-1-W EURO, E1100-4-M EURO, E2190-1-A, E2191-4-A UK, E8931-4-A NORDIC, E8931-4-M NORDIC

Fits Electrolux: EOB2610B UK BASE R, EOB2610W UK BASE R, EOB2610X UK BASE R, EOB5600B UK, EOB5600W UK, EOB5600X UK, EOB5610B UK, EOB5610W UK, EOB5610X UK, EOB5627K, EOB5627W, EOB5627X, EOB5630B UK, EOB5630K UK, EOB5630W UK, EOB5630X UK, EOB5665G UK, EOB6630B UK, EOB6630C UK, EOB6630K UK, EOB6630U UK, EOB6630W UK, EOB6630X UK, EOB6630XK UK, EOB6632K UK, EOB6632U UK, EOB6632W UK, EOB6632X UK, EOB6636X UK, EOB6696X UK, EOB6697X ELUX SPAI

£14.58 exc VAT
(£17.50 inc VAT)
ID: PMSIL212SPA011130 Cooling Fan T.O.C
Image 1

Cooling Fan T.O.C

Fits Cuisine:

Fits Tecnik;TKC1285


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ID: PMSME818730550 Smeg Cooling Fan Thermostat

Smeg cooling fan thermostat 190°C

Fits SE355/SS1

£16.66 exc VAT
(£19.99 inc VAT)
ID: PMSME818731036 Smeg Cooling Fan Thermostat
Image 1

Smeg Cooling Fan Thermostat

Fits Smeg:

£16.25 exc VAT
(£19.50 inc VAT)
ID: PMTER481403 Proline / Homark / Terim / New Wave Cookers / Ikea / Scandinova / White Knight (Crosslee) Safety Thermostat

Proline / Homark / Terim / New Wave Cookers / Ikea / Scandinova / White Knight (Crosslee) Safety Thermostat

Fits Proline AL6600, ECL6300BR, ECL6300GR, ECL6300SS, ECL6300WH, EF6400SS, EF6700SS, FE500W, FE600G, FE600W

Homark 01-4010, 02-4010, 03-4010, 04-4050

Terim EF1, SSRG02BK, SSRG02SS, TO6600SS

New Wave Cookers NW90TA, NW90TX

Ikea PROA10S

Scandinova DF902BLK, DF902ST

White Knight WKB5053E, WKG5053E, WKW5050E, WKW5053E

£22.08 exc VAT
(£26.50 inc VAT)
ID: PMTMK000 Micromark Cooling Fan TOC
Image 1

Micromark Cooling Fan TOC

Fits Micromark:

£14.12 exc VAT
(£16.95 inc VAT)
ID: PMTMK40209 Micromark Cooling Fan Thermostat
Image 1 Micromark Cooling Fan Thermostat

Also known as "Tstat, Stat, Cut out, Toc"

Fits Micromark:
MM55533, MM55524,

£7.92 exc VAT
(£9.50 inc VAT)

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